This site provides a forum for my musings about technology, policy issues as well as posting information about various projects.


The internet has revolutionized communications. It is based on a transparent end-to-end communication model sometimes referred to as a dumb network to distinguish it from the traditional telephone network. It allows entrepreneurs to develop new business models without the knowledge or permission of the network itself.


The internet is a general purpose digital network.  This enables it to carry any information capable of being digitized. Prior to this each information container: newspaper, magazine, telegraph, telephone, radio and TV required a purpose built distribution network.


The World Wide Web implemented in the mid 1990ís has made the internet more user friendly. So much so that many folks now think the web is the totality of the internet.


In the late 1990ís I set up a home office network when I started a consulting service. Iíve documented how it has evolved over the decades as well as posting information about projects I think have general interest on the Writings page.


Revised 11/12/2023